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KEISER M3I Indoor Cycle With Bluetooth Wireless Computer

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Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle with Bluetooth Wireless Computer

Keiser has been the first to employ magnetic resistance, introduce power, and now the first to receive accuracy certification. Keiser is the undisputed number one leader of Indoor cycles.

M3i Indoor Cycle - Keiser introduces intelligent cycling and the most technologically advanced indoor group cycle ever, the Keiser M3i featuring Bluetooth wireless display. The new Keiser Bluetooth wireless computer is certain to become popular with both riders and group exercise instructors. The computer can transmit to a receiver for projection onto a screen and can also partner up with a wireless phone or tablet. At first glance the Keiser M3i Cycle catches the eye with a stunning new black color scheme that also features a red flywheel guard. The M3i is a highly innovative indoor cycle and is one of the most recommended spin bikes on the market, and for good reason. With its exceptional, club-quality features, this particular product has been designed to last for life. Best of all, this machine delivers exactly what it promises and several users have claimed to have lost a staggering amount of weight after using this bike for just a few months. More importantly, though, this item is surprisingly easy to use, even for beginners.

The new Keiser M3i gives consistency and accuracy that will give both Instructors and riders the confidence they need to really use power as a training tool in classes, but the indoor cycling pros at Keiser are raising the bar. Keiser announced in March that they achieved the prestigious EN-ISO 20957-1 rating for the accuracy of its power display on the newly released Keiser M3i indoor cycle. The new certification means that Keiser M3i's are the most accurate in the market when it comes to measuring the power (in watts) output by riders.

Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle has 4 main grip handlebar positions:

  • Overhand front grip (either side of display console)
  • Extended grip (furthest point from the seat, horizontal)
  • Time trialling (close together, either side of console)
  • Hook or Middle grip (further apart, at a slight incline)
  • Keiser M3i options creates a wider range of heights and personal preferences, but also provides greater support if you want to switch from low intensity to high intensity cycling.

    Now with the Keiser M3i you can alter the distance that the handlebars are from the seat, as well as their angle and height, you can also adjust the position of the seat, both horizontally and vertically.

    It's also important to notice the ease with which you can adjust the height of the seat and handlebars, with Keiser M3i  Indoor Cycle opting for a pull-pin style system, rather than a screw-in hand wheel. This helps cut down the time it takes to make minor height adjustments.

    Enhance the quality and enjoyment of your workouts with the New Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle. Check out the New Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle and take a look at the future of mainstream conditioning. Don't wait to step-up your cardio workout call 1-800-875-9145 to talk with one of our fitness advisors about the new M3i. 

    Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Feature Summary:


  • Intelligent cycling and the most technologically advanced indoor group cycle ever
  • Featuring Bluetooth wireless
  • Partners up with a wireless phone or tablet
  • The computer can transmit to a receiver for projection onto a screen
  • One final feature worth mentioning is the transport wheels attached to the front base stabilizer.

    The Keiser M3i can now connect to your phone and sync the data from your workout, which acts as a more accurate way to measure your progress between multiple workouts.

     Keiser also unveiled new Bluetooth capabilities with the M3i. To compliment their new Bluetooth technology, wireless display computer can transmit to a receiver for projection onto a screen and can also partner up with a wireless phone or tablet. Doing away with the conventional rider-worn monitor, rider data will be transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth to reflect the performance of the rider, making the M3i the most technologically advanced indoor cycle ever.

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